A team we call family. Young, motivated, committed and very professional, connected by the passion for vineyards and wine!


A team we call family. Young, motivated, committed and very professional, connected by the passion for vineyards and wine!
Dynamic, contagious, determined and creative...

Joana Santiago

Relaxed and with a spontaneous smile, she feels the wine and shares the Quinta de Santiago project like no one else. She’s the face of the project and is in charge of the national and international market, in addition to marketing-communication and product development. In endless evolution and learning, she’s an inspiring pillar for creation within the team. Always curious to know more and to innovate, she stands for the training to be always seen in a continuous and consistent way, or she hadn’t traded her career as a lawyer, after 15 years, for the passion for the vineyards and the wine left by grandma.
Strict, organized, persistent and always ready for a good snack...

José Santiago

The father, the boss. He’s the company’s manager and coordinates the viticulture of Quinta de Santiago, a project that he embraced with heart and soul in 2010 when he retired from a long career in banking. But it was precisely at Quinta de Santiago that he was born and grew up, being this project the fulfillment of a postponed dream of his youth! He defends sustainable viticulture, based on respect for the soil, plants and man. He demands accuracy in the bills, never forgets a deadline and he’s always right!
Communicative, expeditious, passionate and joyful by nature...

Arcelina Santiago

It’s with her joy and dynamic that she infects all those around her, being responsible for the wine tourism. She was a teacher throughout her life in Espinho, retiring in 2011. She switched the city for the countryside to dedicate herself to the family project with her husband and children. She has a special gift for telling family stories and explains all the details of our viticulture and wines. Everyone who’s privileged to be welcomed by her feels the soul of our terroir and the discovery of the family like no one else.
Fun, demanding, professional and methodical...

Jorge Santiago

Graduated in Industrial Production Engineering, he’s currently in England as a resident engineer at Jaguar Land Rover. With extensive experience in the field of quality and industrial production, he’ll be a crucial piece of the company when he returns to Portugal.
“It’s all about the grapes”

Nuno Mira do Ó

Breeding good grapes, picking them at the right time and winemaking with little intervention so as to obtain the wines that we believe that best mirror the “terroir”. It was the passion for the places, the vineyards, the land and the traditions that united us to Nuno. With roots in the Alentejo coast, he graduated in Agro-Industrial Engineering at ISA in Lisbon and in Oenology at UCP in Porto. He dedicates himself to viticulture and oenology in several regions of Portugal since 2001. Founding partner of V Puro in 2009 and C2O (Vinhos Mira do Ó) in 2012. It was in 2022 that he embraced the oenology of Quinta de Santiago, and since 2018 he had already been part of the family with the SOU project. Nuno is a motivating and incredibly professional, with huge experience based on sharing and learning, he also has a unique human dimension and a very special sense of humor, which is why he is our winemaker.
Passionate about the sea, careful, optimistic and strong...

Ricardo Cruz

He built the cellar in 2014, leaving nothing to chance. He’s Joana’s husband and the pillar of the Santiago family with the girls, on weekends, trips and absences, always having a wise advice to give.
Calm, helpful, gadgeteer and hardworking...


He’s with us since his grandma's time and that’s why he knows the corners of the house like no one else. He works in the fields, takes care of the animals, helps with everything needed in the cellar. He has an inexhaustible energy and strength and he’s always there when needed.
Wise, has the gift of teaching, patient and professional...

Eng.º Garrido

He’s responsible for our viticulture as a consultant. He’s dedicated and knows so much about the territory that he always has something new to teach us! Leaves our vineyards wonderfully and loves nature just like us!
She is cheerful, generous, energetic, she loves what she does and having her vines in an earring!

D. Teresa

D. Teresa has been working at Quinta de Santiago for over 18 years. She takes care of our vineyards like nobody else since her grandmother's time. She always has many stories to tell and good advice to give. We like to call her “our little boss” because she treats our plots and our vines by you and leads everyone who joins the vineyard team.